This web site is dedicated to silver prints and alternative processes. Much of my digital work can be purchased from the Photo Art Pavilion.

Wow - talk about a photoshop and Lightroom guru - Julieanne is it! She works for adobe and here title really is Evangelist Director at Adobe. Her sight as wonderful insights and information and she is very generous with her time and . I had the pleasure of doing a Lightroom Workshop with her in New Mexico at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops. Great experience!!

I had the pleasure of learning about digital negatives HDR photo, platinum/palladium printing, platinum/ Palladium printing on vellum with Gold leaf. I had the opportunity to learn from Dan at the Center of International Photography in New York and also had private workshops with him in NY. A great guy, passionate about photography and a great educator.

This is a great resource doe purchasing chemicals for a variety of alternative processes. You can purchase kits or separate chemicals for the do-it-your type of person. They also offer much free information about the processes and have links to purchase UV boxes, contact printing equipment, and other supplies.

Offering workshop abroad and in New Mexico, some of the top photographic artists give workshops here. The workshops are a great way to learn, network with other photographers and find a community of like minded artists.

I also use harmon pinhole cameras that come in various sizes/focal lengths. These require 4"x5" negative holders and include all the necessary information to create spot on exposures with these cameras.

This company makes beautiful handmade teak wood pinhole cameras. Whether you like making images with pinhole cameras of simply love well made object, these cameras are a charm.

The George Eastman house has one of the largest collection of photography, cameras and lenses from early 19th century to present. Their workshops are amazing and if you want to learn how to make various photographic processes, this is the place to be. Mark and Nick are excellent teachers and very passionate about these processes.